Mike's British Repairs 
                                                                                   at Hillcrest Garage

Mike Fraser, Owner

"Hillcrest Garage" was built shortly after World War II and operated as a full service garage and gasoline stop.  Hillcrest has all the characteristics of a "neighbourhood garage" with decades of stories.  Not to mention a very 
old "unnamed" elk (who used to sport a 
cigarette) hanging over the door!

Mike and his wife Bronwen bought the 
property/business in 1999 and have 
maintained the friendly persona of the 
garage with Mike's famous "wave" at passing motorists and their friendly "honks"!  People have even suggested we get a cardboard waving cut out!   
Robert Young
Mike grew up in North Vancouver.  He had a passion for Jaguar cars at a very young age.  He completed his apprenticeship at a Chrysler dealership in (1989).  In 1991 he moved to Australia and met Bronwen.  While in Melbourne, Australia, Mike had the fantastic opportunity to work for the Jaguar Dealership.   Through his work, he was able to participate in the Master Technician program which was an ongoing factory program offered by Jaguar.  Every year the top 6 technicians in "Australia" were sent to Sydney to compete for top honours.  Mike was rated #3.  This sealed his passion!

In 1996, Mike and Bronwen returned to British Columbia Canada and moved to Kelowna, in the beautiful Okanagan Valley where they are now raising their three girls, 12, 6 and 9.

The Garage
Bronwen grew up in Melbourne Australia.  Her father was an Auto Electrical Engineer who owned his own business.  Bronwen grew up around cars and is quite comfortable being surrounded by car parts, grease, and grubby mechanics cursing Lucas wiring!

Bronwen spent 28 years in the legal industry (as a Legal Assistant, then Office Manager) until May 2011.

She now helps out at the garage when she can.
Sales and Marketing
Bronwen Fraser, Wife!